Frequently Asked Questions

Does ARI pay a cash dividend?
Since going public, ARI has not paid shareholders a dividend, opting instead to reinvest any profits back into the business to support ongoing product development, acquisitions, and grow the business.
Does ARI offer a direct purchase program?
No. ARI stock may be purchased from numerous sources including discount and online brokerage services.
What exchanges does ARI stock trade on?
ARI common shares are currently traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market (NASDAQ) under the ticker symbol ARIS.
When was ARI’s initial public offering (IPO)?
ARI’s initial IPO of 3,450,000 shares was on November 22, 1991.
How can I get the current ARI stock price?
To view the current stock price, click here.
When is the next annual meeting of shareholders?
The next annual shareholders meeting is scheduled for January 4th, 2018 at 9am CST at the Company's Corporate Headquarters, 10850 W. Park Place, Suite 1200, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Is there currently any preferred stock outstanding?
There is currently no outstanding preferred stock.
Where can additional information on ARI be found?
In addition to ARI’s Investor specific-site, more detailed information on ARI’s products and services can be found on ARI’s corporate website
Are there any sell side brokerage firms who publish research on ARI?
Yes. ARI is covered by the following firms: